Many system administration and technical support tasks can be performed directly on your PCs and servers without the presence of an on-site technician being necessary. ENL offers our existing business clients the great convenience of remote-access computer repair.

With their permission, our knowledgeable PC computer repair tech will take control of computer remotely. Using our secure online computer repair site, our technician can run scans, remove viruses or spyware, run performance tune-ups, handle device driver issues, solve web related issues, and install needed drivers or programs.

The benefits of this remote access service are reduced support costs and no trip charge. Response is also often quicker allowing your computer to get fixed conveniently and in less time. Please note however, that not all issues can be fixed via remote access. Hardware issues and some virus problems require on-site support depending on the severity of the virus. A working internet connection is required for any remote access repair, but can also include voice/ telephone consultation services as well. We also provide Business Onsite Repair service, please call to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.


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