Epoch Network Ltd. provides computer repair services for businesses in the surrounding areas. Our services include: laptop/ desktop computer repair, computer tune-ups, computer upgrades, data backup, data recovery, hosted exchange migration, new computer selection and installation, virus-spyware-malware removal, and wired and wireless networking installation and troubleshooting. Our staff strive to provide customer satisfaction through delivering a friendly and professional service. 
What to Do When You Need Service
Obtaining service is easy: simply contact us for person-to-person technical assistance. Customers with an active ENL Service Agreement receive priority over customers who do not have a service contract. For fast, efficient service, please:
  Be prepared
Be prepared to provide a full description of your problem, whether or not the problem can be replicated, what operating system you are running, and what steps you have already taken to identify the problem.

  Leave the rest to us.

You're in good hands with our team of customer support experts who are committed to providing exemplary customer service.

Business Onsite Repair   I   Remote Access Repair


  Computer diagnostics involve the process of troubleshooting a personal computer or laptop to get the machine running smoothly and efficiently. The issues may be related to software or hardware.

Many computer malfunctions can be resolved with a simple fix, such as updating a software driver. At other times, the issues may be more complex and requires more sophisticated diagnosis and repairs.
At ENL, we help diagnose and repair PC/ laptop computer faulty/ issues you're experiencing including: computer crashes, slowdowns, lockups,  freezes, and startup problems.




  IT Consultations range from helping you establish next years IT budget, learn about technology options to solve a challenge, or get a better idea of your technology options.

We are more than happy to discuss your computer needs with you to ensure that we satisfy your needs and requirements. IT consultations and recommendation options of ENL expertise varies depending on each individual/ company's unique needs.

Please contact our sales representative to learn more about our IT services.





  Obtaining service from ENL is easy: simply contact us for person-to-person technical assistance or sign up with our service agreement. At ENL, we offer our business clients computer repair/ maintenance service agreement.

Businesses with active service contract receive priority over customers who do not have a service contract.



   Dealing with viruses is something we do often, in fact it's the most common job we're called for.  Viruses are best dealt with as in-shop work. This allows us to do full scans with multiple AV packages which can take hours without billing for the entire time to wait for scans to finish.

While we have the computer we will also optimize startup, remove temp files and check for updates. On occasion, the damage caused by the viruses may be too severe in which we will first contact you before any drastic measures are taken. You will usually get the computer back within two business days.

  Malware is malicious software designed to harm or secretly access a computer system without the owner's informed consent and is a software program or file that is, or may be, harmful to a computer user including a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code such as computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, scareware, crimeware, most rootkits, and other unwanted software or programs sometimes known as a computer contaminant.  
  Preventative Software.  
  It's important not only to clean the infection on your computer, but to ensure you don't get more in the future.

We recommend Avast Internet Security to our customers. We believe that Avast is a good product with a high catch-rate and resource management. If you do not want to pay for Avast, we will load it on your computer as a trial software, after which you are able to remove it and load whatever you would like. It is necessary for us to do this to protect your computer and to guarantee our work.

  At ENL we will do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction and future repeat business. We guarantee the viruses to be removed and all damage undone when the computers are returned to you.

However, we cannot guarantee or be held responsible for viruses being reloaded on the computer after our work is complete. For example if you download unsafe emails and get another infection in the process, that is not covered under our warranty.





  We strongly recommend you to back up your data with Carbonite.  We cannot over-stress the importance of backing up your data. Spending the money to back up your data before a catastrophic event such as a hard drive crash will save you hundreds, possibly thousands, in the long run.

Viruses, as well as mechanical hard-drive failure, could cause you to lose years worth of your life's data stored on your computer.

For this reason, we urge our clients to back up their data. We can help install a system for you which will automatically back up your system nightly, weekly, or monthly to protect your files.


  The following options are available to you:  
  External Hard Drive.  
  We will set up an external hard drive for you. Your files and operating system will be backed up onto this hard drive as often as you choose.  
  Online Service.  
  There are several services available online including Carbonite, which allow you to can back up all of you files to a remote server. We can help you with this option as well.  



  Are you ready for a faster, more efficient computer, but not ready to buy a new one? We can help your computer run faster and more efficiently by upgrading your computer software or hardware such as adding more memory, installing bigger hard drive, and so on. If you have a specific request in mind, please give us a call and we'll be more than happy to discuss the possibilities for upgrading your computer.  
  Other services that we offer include:  
  Replacement of Motherboards  
  Replacement of most PC Cards  
  Replacement of CPU  
  Replacement of RAM (memory)  
  Installation/Replacement of all peripherals including CDROM/Burner/DVD/Floppy devices.  
  Replacement of Hard Drive (usually requires timely recovery procedure)  
  Epoch Network Ltd. provides re-design and re-cabling services. We can upgrade your outdated cabling systems, remove unnecessary cabling and provide proper cable management to keep your systems in perfect order.

Networking involves connecting multiple computers or devices together or to the Internet. Whatever your networking needs at your office or home, we will try to provide you with the best solution. For example, we can help you access your files from any computer in the house, or send a file to a printer in another room.

  Networking Service Specifics:  
  Wireless Network:  
  Installation and Configuration  
  Wireless Network Interface Cards (802.11b and/or 802.11g)  
  Wireless Router & configuration of critical security measures to protect data – often missed and  HIGHLY important.  
   Installation and Configuration of necessary protocols  
  Wired Networks:  
  Installation and Configuration  
  Network Interface Cards on PC's Requested  
  Wired Router  
  Running of CAT5 wiring  
   Installation and configuration of necessary protocols  
  Add Computers to Network:  
  Installation of an additional computer to an existing network wired or wireless.  





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